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Inspired by the beauty of photography, and at the same time irritated by the transience of subjects that are always repeating and all too familiar with time, the attempt was made to capture the mood of a moment, a situation, a snapshot, and to transform it into a new composition, in which with each new observation, in the imagination, a separate image of the original situation is created. In the process, selected photographs are digitally scaled down and condensed into a single vertical row of over 200 pixels. This pixel row is then processed in the micromillimetre range and further colour-matched to the overall image.

The condensed colour dramaturgy of the actual subject is multiplied in the pixel repetition process. The result is an abstract picture whose content corresponds to a known or unknown subject, a very special mood or situation, but does not represent it in a concrete way. Like this, the unique freedom of being able to think up your own picture in your thoughts, to evoke memories, let your imagination run free. The concrete original picture plays a secondary role, hidden in the composition of an abstract and timeless artwork.

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